Nothing to Do For Winter Break? Try D.C. Winter Camps

Now that it is November, many families may already feel themselves looking forward to winter break. However, some parents may also find themselves looking for childcare services for some if not most of the days their children will have off from school (after all, most jobs do not give their employees the same amount of time off, and some may even have to work on holidays and weekends). However, there are better options to daycare or simply having children stay home all day. There are many winter break camp and other activity opportunities all over the Washington D.C. area. Registration for some of the programs starts early, so it is a good idea to stat checking them out now.

Various private and specialty schools throughout the region offer winter camp programs— often ones that focus on sports, science, the arts or other activities that interest children. Some of these include:

-Westminster School, Winter Wonderful Camp

-Georgetown Day School, Camps and Classes

-Lowell School, Winter Break Club

-Sheridan School, Winter Camp

Art, music and theater classes in particular are rising in popularity among extra activities for children. Not only are they a way of keeping children occupied over winter break, but art camps provide a fun, productive and creative atmosphere in which children can explore and develop their artistic talents. They can also make a few friends on the side.

- School’s Out Theatre Camps for Kids, The Theatre Lab School of the Dramatic Arts

-Adventure Theatre

-Bach to Rock, Music Camp

-Create Arts Center, Winter Break Camp

-The Children’s Art Studio

Sports camps are by far some of the most commonly found winter break programs for children. There are many sports camps in the Washington D.C. area, and the following are just several of them:

-Washington Wizards & Mystics Holiday Camps

-HoopEd, Basketball Camp

-Virgina Baseball Club, Winter Program

-Loudon Gymnastics Center, Winter Camp

-Fit Kids, Winter Sports Mania

-Sports Camps Kids, Arlington Winter Camp

-Kettler IcePlex, Winter Skate Classes

-My Gym, Youth Gymnastics

Though certainly not as prominent as those in the summer or spring, there are nevertheless science and nature discovery camps in the winter. They are limited, but the programs are full of fun exploration and learning for child science enthusiasts.

-National Zoo, Snow Safari Winter Camp

-Ever Wonder Camps

-Montgomery Parks Winter Camp

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